French Macaroon Cookies

pink macarons

My bf has been begging me for weeks to make French macarons after trying them at our favorite cafe/frozen yogurt shop recently. I had been somewhat dreading it as I’ve heard that it’s a difficult/finnicky process, but also because I’m most inspired to bake things that I love and, quite frankly, I have never tried a French macaron.

So with lots of spare time this weekend, I finally decided I’d do it, even though I had no idea what they are supposed to taste like.

I used this recipe found on Martha Stewart’s website and followed it to a T. My arms were sore from all the sifting and stirring! I also decided to drop in some red food coloring so the macaroon cookies would match my strawberry jam filling.  🙂

After the grueling, time-consuming and messy process, I was left with a practically-perfect product! They were well received and enjoyed!

pink macarons

pink macaron cookies

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