Suja Juice Cleanse: My Experience

Suja juice cleanse

Update 1/20/15: I continue to do this cleanse every few months and love it every time! I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in devoting three days to a juice cleanse. The cheapest way to purchase a 3-day cleanse is through (if you’re in the US) rather than from the Suja website or Whole Foods (unless they run a deal). Please feel free to comment with any questions; I’m happy to answer!

While this post has nothing to do with cupcakes and baking, I recently found this juice/cleanse which are very new. There’s not a whole lot of information out there so I thought I’d publish my experience for anyone who is interested.

I originally heard about Suja on Facebook; just a post in passing on my wall, but I decided to Google it. What intrigued me to actually try it is that it’s packed with super healthy fruits and veggies, and you’re consuming plenty of [different] juices throughout the day. It’s packed with nutrients to keep you going, unlike the Master Cleanse which has never interested me. Anyway, I’m not an expert on the matter but there is plenty of information on their website and I just wanted to share my overall experience!

Suja juice cleanse

Day 1: I woke up feeling a little leery about the whole concept of a cleanse. Would I get hungry? Could I do it? Am I going to cheat? Well, here goes nothing!

I heated up some water and mixed in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar which is how you’re supposed to start the day. One whiff and I poured it all down the sink. I was NOT going to drink that vinegar. Fortunately, you also have the option of lemon, so I squirted some lemon juice in hot water for a warm lemony tea instead.

The first sip of the first juice has a distinct celery flavor to which my initial reaction was “uh oh, not sure if I can live off liquid celery for the next three days”. However, the after taste is very sweet and fruity and I found it very easy to finish the bottle.

Overall day 1: I ended up on a schedule of drinking one bottle every other hour as it took about an hour to drink a whole bottle and this worked out very well. I did find myself peeing a LOT, maybe twice every hour. Besides that, no nasty side effects thus far. Every flavor was unique and different; some more “green” than others, but they are all very good and doable! PLUS I was never hungry the entire day!  Wonder if I’ll be hungry tomorrow…

Day 2: I wake up not feeling hungry at all. Made and drank my lemon tea, packed up my bottles and headed out the door for work. I had a few slight cravings for carbs during the day, but nothing too serious. I went to bed not hungry at all still!

Day 3: Here I am, the last day! I was a little late out the door this morning which meant I was late to my first juice so my tummy was a little grumbly. But as soon as I was able to drink it, I felt much better! I finished off the day with my last Vanilla Cloud (my favorite) and went to bed, still not hungry!

Day 4: Overall, I lost 4.6 pounds! I’m sure I’ll gain some of it back as I continue to eat solid foods, but it’s pretty incredible results especially for not ever having felt hungry! I’ve had a banana this morning, from which I’m already full, and my plan for the rest of the day is carrots, celery, apple, chicken noodle soup, and a healthy stir fry for dinner.

Price: You can buy a 3-day cleanse from the Suja website for $160 and shipping is an extra $60 on top of that. Ouch! So I stalked the Whole Foods down the street who were expecting their first shipment of Suja. The third day I checked, they had finally gotten it in so I grabbed 6 bottles (one day’s worth of cleansing). The bill: around $50 for one day. At about $8.50 a bottle, buying from Whole Foods turns out to be less expensive than ordering online.

Though this cleanse was quite expensive, I would recommend it to anyone and I wish that I could afford to do it frequently! I’m definitely hoping to do it again!

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4 comments to Suja Juice Cleanse: My Experience

  • Zina K  says:

    Thanks for sharing Stacy! I heard about SUJA from Jef Holm and was looking around for anyone who had tried the cleanse before. I’m thinking about giving this a try. Have you seen the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?” They talk a lot about juice cleanses. So the juices weren’t too bad to get down, did it taste good? I can barely drink the consistency of Odwalla, so I’m not sure I’d like these juices.

    • Stacy  says:

      I have seen the documentary, although I watched it after I did the cleanse! The juices all taste really good and there is not much of a texture. They aren’t thicker like Odwalla. I’m a little sensitive with taste and if the juices had been really “green” tasting, I might not have been able to get through it, but they were all sweetened with fruit and very yummy. 🙂 If it was less expensive, I’d be drinking them now! But I’m saving up for a juicer so I can start making them myself.

  • Carole  says:

    They have this three day cleanse at Costco now for $79.99 for 18 bottles

    • Stacy  says:

      No way! Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to check my Costco!

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