Stacy at Sprinkles cupcakes in New YorkMy name is Stacy Painter and over the last few years, I have transformed from a [cup]cake hater to a cupcake fanatic. It turns out that when the cake and frosting are made well, they actually taste good!

So I’ve been on a mission. It began as a quest to make cupcakes from scratch, which evolved into a quest to make good cupcakes from scratch. Once that was mastered, I wanted to try all different flavors of cupcakes from scratch. I mastered my frosting techniques and kept advancing from there.

The latest in the evolution of my cupcake-ing journey has been experimenting with healthier options. I’ve discovered the power of the chia seed and am not afraid to harness it. The purpose of this blog is mainly to save some of my favorite recipes and experiments so that I can refer to them later, but I thought I’d make it public so that anyone else can enjoy!

Follow along as I continue to become a better baker and invent healthier recipes.

Oh yeah, about me: I live in the Seattle area with my husband and rescue dog. I love yoga, being active and getting up and out to hike and explore the greater Seattle area, which is how I burn off all of the cupcakes I’m enjoying. When I’m not exploring the world of sugary sweets, I’m working as a Writer, Online Marketer, and Community Manager.