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Thin Mint Macarons

thin mint macarons

I’m so thrilled to participate in the Girl Scout cookie recipe contest (and their dog cookie recipe contest, more on that later) again this year. I can’t believe this is my 5th year in a row with this contest! So, because I knew it was coming, I have been thinking about recipe ideas for the last few months, here and there. However, this recipe came to me only a few days ago and I was eager to try it out. Thin Mint macarons. Ambitious? Yes. Difficult? We’ll see…

After searching around for recipes, I decided to use the Martha Stewart recipe that I’ve used in the past since it worked for me...

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French Macaroon Cookies

pink macarons

My bf has been begging me for weeks to make French macarons after trying them at our favorite cafe/frozen yogurt shop recently. I had been somewhat dreading it as I’ve heard that it’s a difficult/finnicky process, but also because I’m most inspired to bake things that I love and, quite frankly, I have never tried a French macaron.

So with lots of spare time this weekend, I finally decided I’d do it, even though I had no idea what they are supposed┬áto taste like.

I used this recipe found on Martha Stewart’s website and followed it to a T...

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